Challenge: Find A Dress For P500 or Less

I will be attending one of my friends wedding next month. This will be a church wedding but the reception will be by the beach.

It says in the invitation that attendees must wear formal dress that would compliment the theme color which is light coral. I said to myself, what the hell are coral colors? I know some basic colors, but coral?! It seems complicated.

With a very limited budget, finding the dress with this specification will be very challenging. But considering that I still have ample time (just one month), plus the fact that the couple is very dear to me, I have accepted this challenge.

So, my mission for this month is to look for the right dress for P500 or less. I can buy, rent, borrow or sew it myself, but the dress must look fabulous on me.  It should not look cheap and will have to be worn in heels and slipper sandals (since we will be going to the beach after the wedding).

Why P500?

I don’t believe that I have to spend so much for a dress. I’m just one of the guest and I’m not even part of the entourage. P500 may be cheap to other people but I think the amount is reasonable enough for a one time use.

Find Out What This Color Is

According to the internet, light coral color looks like this:


Hmmm… I thought that is the easy part. Though I have seen this color before, this is not a common color that most of the weddings here in the Philippines have used.

My Strategies

As mentioned earlier, I have 4 options in getting this dress:

  1.       Buy
  2.       Rent
  3.       Borrow
  4.       DIY

I think I’m going to have to stick to this order since I don’t sew. The last time I used needle and thread was in my home economics class in high school. I can still remember. The dress looks horrible. I have shaky hands and I couldn’t draw a straight line even if I use a roller, so the cut in the fabric and the sewing are a bit crooked.

I also don’t like to borrow stuff. Just thinking of me looking into other people’s closet to look for the right dress makes me reluctant. I hate asking favors from other people. This is my pride talking. hehehe…

I plan to search the city on where I can buy or rent a dress with this specification. I will have to use my shopping skills to find this special dress first.  For desperate times, I will have to use #3 and #4. So, I’m crossing my fingers….

Can I find this dress? Will I be able to attend the wedding? We’ll find out.


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