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Christmas Gifts

How to Save on Christmas Gifts – Pinoy Style

“Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more….”

Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Gifts… Gifts… Gifts… We Filipinos love giving gifts. Exchanging gifts has become one of the fun highlights of our Christmas. As the days are coming, people flock to the malls to look for gifts to give to friends, families and colleagues.

With parties here and there, expect that your spending budget will increase. You can say, “No worries. I will be receiving my Christmas bonus this month. So I can party…” But, how much of your Christmas bonus pay is spend on gifts? If you are not cautious with your spending, you will then realize that your money is gone. You will be left with lots of memories and small inexpensive gifts like picture frames, calendars, plates and etc.

Check out these tips on how to save on Christmas gifts.

Create a Christmas list. Your list will include people you want to give and how much you are going to spend for each person. Sort them by age and importance. Most kids don’t value gifts based on price or brands, so you don’t necessarily need to shell out big bucks for them.

Buy in Bulk. If you have more than 3 nieces or friends, why not give them the same gifts? Aside from the savings that you get when you buy in bulk, you’ll also save time in choosing gifts.

Shop Early. Avoid rush hours and panic buying. Shop your gifts as early as September.

Wrap it Yourself. Avoid the hassle of falling in line in the gift wrapping station. Buy your own gift wrapper and wrap the gifts yourself. Use your creative side and make it personal.

Get Creative. This is the best time to showcase your talent to your friends and family. Create a video, scrapbook, photo album, personalized shirt, the list goes on and on.

Share your time. Christmas is not just about giving material things. Small gestures like:

  • visiting a sick friend or a relative that you haven’t seen in a long time
  • cooking food for the less fortunate
  • singing for your church
  • volunteering to a charity

These small acts are more valuable than money. By sharing your time, you are not just connecting with other people; you are also making impact to their lives.