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corporate job vs online career

Should I Quit My Corporate Job To Pursue An Online Career?

Working from home, at your own time, with no boss looking behind your back – these are just few of the advantages of having an online job.

So if you are already unhappy or frustrated with your current job, you might think, ‘This sounds fun.  I will quit my job and start an online career.’ Not so fast. Before you start drafting your resignation letter, think about this first.

Quitting your corporate job can take a lot of risk most especially if you don’t have a back-up plan yet. If you are just starting up on your online business or you have not been hired online, you can think twice.

Know that you will not be earning if you quit your job, but you still have mouths to feed and your bills won’t stop. It will pile up if you will not pay in the next few months. You need to be smart on your finances. Calculate the risks to know how much you will be giving up if you decide to leave your job.

Building a business or shifting a career may take some time before it will take off and you can see money coming in. The risk is low when you quit your job and you already have a stable income from your career online.