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Which is Better? Sun Cellular Prepaid vs Postpaid Plan

Last week, I received a call from Sun Cellular that my mobile subscription contract is about to expire and they are giving me a free cellphone unit as a way to say thank you for being one of their loyal subscribers.

Oh, how time flies! It’s been two years since I have signed a contract, and over the past two years, I have lost count on how many times I have attempted to cancel or downgrade my subscription. Unfortunately, my attempts were unsuccessful because the contract has two-year lock in period. I have to wait for the contract to end before I can make any changes.

The main reason I have attempted to cancel or downgrade my Sun Cellular Postpaid Plan was because have signed up for a higher plan with unlimited data usage. I already have internet connection and since I am now working at home, I don’t see any need for me to have a mobile data. I have also noticed that the internet connection in my phone is getting slower.

This is the moment that I have been waiting for. I can do whatever I want with my mobile plan. I can either continue with my postpaid or use prepaid cards. One thing for sure, I want to decrease the monthly payment on my mobile usage.

To help decide, I have listed the pros and cons with using prepaid vs. postpaid plan:

Postpaid line Pros:
1. No need to load or check load balance.
2. Can call or text anyone without limit.
3. No need to change number.
4. Get new mobile phone for retention programs.

Postpaid line Cons:

1. Monthly bill.
2. Higher chance of overspending.
3. Lock to the same network for two years.
4. Many add on cost on your bill.
5. Unsolicited text or call from the network.

Prepaid line Pros:
1. No monthly bill at all.
2. No chance of overspending.
3. Prepaid promos.
4. Lite on the budget.
5. No locking period.

Prepaid line cons:
1. Limitation in calling or text services.
2. Monitoring of your load balance.
3. No free phone.
4. Vanishing load.
5. Unsolicited text from the network.

Savings Wise – Which is better?

Prepaid Plan:

I’m not really a texter. I’m a caller. So let’s say, my regular monthly mobile usage is around P300.

If I get two P150 worth of call and text combo prepaid card per month, I can get:

  • 1500 texts to other networks
  • 1500 Sun texts
  • 500 minutes of calls to Sun, Smart & Talk N’ Text

For two years, I will be spending a total of P7,200 (multiply P300 by 24 months) .

Postpaid Plan:

The lowest regular plan from Sun Cellular is P350 per month. This includes:

  • Unlimited calls and texts to Sun
  • Unlimited text to Sun, Smart and TNT
  • 2 hours calls to Smart and TNT
  • 10 hours mobile surfing
  • 250 text to other network

The total monthly mobile usage for two years is P8,400 (multiply P350 by 24 months). Let’s deduct P3,000, for the free phone. The value I will be spending for two years, if I choose to get a Sun postpaid plan, will be P5,400 minimum.That’s P1,800 lower compared to prepaid plan.

Based on the lists I have mentioned, I think I’ll have to choose to continue my postpaid plan.

What do you think? Am I making a good choice?